Sex Dolls

Sex Dolls


Love Doll Benefits and Varieties

Kiss your loneliness goodbye! Those solitary nights will never be the same after you discover our wide selection of the best love dolls in the industry. Choose from a broad variety of dolls – there's a lovely lady for every taste, preference and budget!

We're proud to offer love dolls of varying shapes and sizes.

Silicone Love Dolls

Our silicone love dolls are top of the line when it comes to enhancing your pleasure. You'll be amazed at their lifelike expressions, silky hair and realistically textured skin. We offer three sizes: Over five feet, nine inches, under five feet, nine inches, and our popular mini dolls at under three feet, six inches.

Customers love our sexy dolls for many reasons. A lot of companies sell love dolls – but those dolls are made from materials which don't offer the most lifelike experience. Our silicone dolls are made from solid silicone and feature metal skeletons. If you've ever tried a doll without a skeleton, you'll notice the difference immediately! These skeletons allow our dolls to be posed and moved with incredible accuracy. They also offer extra weight and resistance for an incredibly realistic experience.   Half Body Silicone Love Dolls

Available in both male and female versions and a wide variety of positions, our half-body dolls are outstanding for those who want a lifelike experience but don't have the storage space for a full-size doll. Ultra-realistic and jiggly, these dolls are great for quick on-the-go pleasure as well as long nights of ecstasy. Crafted from TPR (thermo plastic rubber) materials, they heat up easily and retain heat to add to your realistic experience. With proper care, your half-body companion will last and last!

Inflatable Silicone Love Dolls

Priced for those on a budget but still offering up incredible nights of pleasure, our inflatable silicone dolls are realistic where it really counts!

Blow Up Sex Dolls

With varieties ranging from standard bachelor-party fare to truly lifelike, our selection of blow up sex dolls offers something for everybody! You'll find traditional dolls constructed from vinyl and dolls which look just like your favorite porn stars. Many of our blow up dolls feature battery packs for extra vibration stimulation. In addition, many of these dolls are ultra-realistic where it matters most, with removable silicone parts for durable, long-lasting fun.

Vagina and Ass Masturbators

For those who prefer a compact companion, check out our selection of masturbators. Crafted from high quality TPR (thermo-plastic rubber) for a lifelike look and feel. We offer hand-held options for budget shoppers, realistically molded body parts for even more life-like pleasure and, for those who want to go all out, 3D molded torsos for living out your wildest fantasies!

Caring For Your New Friend

The care and maintenance of your new sexy companion is very important in keeping her (or him!) ready for action at any time. Proper care will also help to extend the usable life of your toys.

Our toys are made from a variety of high-quality materials, including quality silicone and TPR. Standing for Thermo-Plastic Rubber, TPR is amazingly lifelike and retains heat beautifully.

You can obtain proprietary powders for restoring your TPR toy to its original lifelike feel. Occasionally, TPR can acquire a slightly sticky texture, and these powders will fix the issue. In a pinch, you may also try using cornstarch. Never use talcum powder.

Caring for silicone and TPR also involves regular washing. This not only prevents the build-up of bacteria, but it keeps your new companion in tip-top shape, ready to go whenever you are! Wash your silicone and TPR in a very mild, antibacterial soap, such as hand soap. Never use household cleaners, alcohol or anything containing oil or silicone, as these can cause severe damage. The same care rules apply for removable silicone parts.

Let all dolls and parts dry thoroughly before placing them back in a doll, or before storing a doll. Open-air storage is best for all dolls and removable parts.

Let's Go Shopping!

We know you'll adore our love dolls – what are you waiting for? Check out the amazing selections and find your perfect match today!