Silcone Based Lube

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Add some science and technology to your lube with the power of silicone. Though similar to water-based lube in many ways, an added perk is it’s waterproof. This makes it the perfect lube for sexual activities in the water. Your water-based lube may just wash away in the shower or bath, but your silicone sex lube keeps its lubricating properties longer. Silicone-based lube is also very concentrated, so even though it’s more expensive than water-based lube, you don’t have to use as much. Silicone lubes are latex safe, but can cause damage to silicone toys. So keep your silicone toys and silicone lube separate. Silicone-based lube is a non-toxic substance and is not absorbed by the skin, so while it produces super slippery results, it remains safe for your body.